Monday, July 7, 2008

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This morning, before the cease and desist was handed out, Ducks blogger Adam Brady took repeated shots at Kevin Lowe for his comments made on Team 1260 on Friday. He then went on to update his blog this evening to make sure everyone knew that he wrote this blog before the NHL handed down its verdict. This is just another classless example of what can be expected from Anaheims organization. Adam Brady is not a member of the media but a biased employee of the Anaheim Ducks. As stated on Adam Brady is the "Director of Publications & New Media for the Anaheim Ducks." Is it just me or does that mean that Brian Burke is this man's boss? He is not like Dan Tencer, who works for CHED, that writes for the Oilers website, but a man that is paid by the organization to update the website. Does it seem suspect to anyone else that he was up bright and early this morning to write this blog on the day when the NHL would obviously step in and intervene in this situation. I had a sense that the NHL would step in today, I guess Mr. Brady had the same idea, so why not get into the office bright and early to get that final word in before the NHL came down on both sides.

With the Anaheim Ducks leading the league in fights in the past couple seasons, is it any surprise their bully mentality also leaks into head office? Or maybe Brian Burke sent a memo down the hall to have this one last post from the man who so eloquently referred to the Oilers as "dirty bastards." Yeah? Well my dad can beat up your dad.

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