Monday, July 7, 2008

Ducks Blog

This morning, before the cease and desist was handed out, Ducks blogger Adam Brady took repeated shots at Kevin Lowe for his comments made on Team 1260 on Friday. He then went on to update his blog this evening to make sure everyone knew that he wrote this blog before the NHL handed down its verdict. This is just another classless example of what can be expected from Anaheims organization. Adam Brady is not a member of the media but a biased employee of the Anaheim Ducks. As stated on Adam Brady is the "Director of Publications & New Media for the Anaheim Ducks." Is it just me or does that mean that Brian Burke is this man's boss? He is not like Dan Tencer, who works for CHED, that writes for the Oilers website, but a man that is paid by the organization to update the website. Does it seem suspect to anyone else that he was up bright and early this morning to write this blog on the day when the NHL would obviously step in and intervene in this situation. I had a sense that the NHL would step in today, I guess Mr. Brady had the same idea, so why not get into the office bright and early to get that final word in before the NHL came down on both sides.

With the Anaheim Ducks leading the league in fights in the past couple seasons, is it any surprise their bully mentality also leaks into head office? Or maybe Brian Burke sent a memo down the hall to have this one last post from the man who so eloquently referred to the Oilers as "dirty bastards." Yeah? Well my dad can beat up your dad.

The weasel says no more...

So finally Gary Bettman decided that it was time to intervene between Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe. The feud dating back to the Dustin Penner five-year, $21.25 million offer sheet can be described as childish at best. Brian Burke has been shovelling his horse hockey for 11 months now, even going as far as "bastards" references. After Friday's backlash, Gary Bettman and the NHL finally decided that it was time to step in and put a "cease and desist" on the matter.

My question is: Where the hell was he 11 months ago? Why has Gary Bettman allowed this feud to go on this long in the first place? If he was half the commissioner that he thinks he is, this would have been squashed back in the good old days of '07. Waiting until Kevin Lowe finally bit back gives more weight into Lowe's words. Anaheim is a "pathetic hockey market" and alloweing Burke to run his mouth was the only way to create any buzz in the sports section. Also it should be noted that Burke was on the NHL's payroll as the Vice-President in charge of discipline, before taking the GM position in Vancouver. However, I'm sure that Burke and Bettman being friends has absolutely nothing to do with his miles of leash and tolerance towards his idiotic comments throughout the year.

Heaven forbid that one of the beloved California franchises be critisized. Although I am sure there are hockey fans in Cali, unless you're talking about the Raiders or the 49ers who really cares. No one in California that's who. Brian who? Kevin what?

In my opinion Gary Bettman should be the one with a cease and desist order, and his time as commissioner should be ending. Since 1993, he has done nothing but water down the leagues talent and make self serving decisions in regards to the league. It's time for the NHL to move on from this tyrant.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's About Time...

On Friday, Kevin Lowe finally responded to Brian Burke's comments that have been going on for almost a year now. Burke, fans, and everyone in the NHL should have seen this coming. Where should I begin on this? Brian Burke, over the past year, has reminded me of an elementary school bully, but Friday Kevin Lowe was the kid that finally popped him in the nose.

Lowe gave Burke a lashing that was long overdue, attacking not only his intelligence as a GM *cough* Bertuzzi *cough* but his ability to avoid scrutiny for destroying the franchises that he has controlled. Before the comments on Friday no one really noticed that without Nonis robbing Florida of Roberto Luongo that franchise would have been in the running for Steve Stamkos. Yes he brought in the Sedin sisters, however, Sedins aside what great heights did he bring to Vancouver? None.Calling Burke a media junkie is being too polite, I think he could have more accurately been called an attention whore, and nothing less.

He's a blow hard jackass. Apparently Burke has forgotten about Bobby Clarke's offer sheet that grossly inflated Ryan Keslers salary in Vancouver. Maybe he just chooses to ignore that one.

So where does the feud go now? Will the national guard be called into Anaheim when the Oilers make their first visit of the year? Celebrity boxing match perhaps? I'm not sure what the answer is but it's going to be fun to find out.